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Added On: 23/03/16   |    Category: Linux    |    Number of Views: 1459

Unable to access files on external drive, change ownership and group using chown -R   

After creating a new user account on Linux Mint and then logging in, I plugged in my external hard drive only to find I was unable to access any of the files on the drive, as the ownership and group was assigned to the other user

To solve this issue I did the following:

First of all I located the path to my external hard drive by entering the following command

cd /media/{username}

I then ran the following command to display the contents of the media directory, which displayed UUID number for my external drive.

After this I changed ownership and group of the drive using the chown -R command.
sudo chown -R {username}:{username} /media/{username}/b69e1300-73a6-423d-bfaa-90827fe412fe/

I was then able to access all the files on the drive.

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