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Create a new user, assign all privileges using MySQL / MariaDB using Linux

Note: This tutorials assumes you are using Linux and that you have already installed MySQL / MariaDB server.

For tutorial purposes I use simple passwords in my examples, it goes without saying you would not assign these sorts of passwords for real database applications.

To create a new user in MySQL first login to MySQL / MariaDB Database with your root username and password at the terminal by entering the following command
mysql -u root -p

Next we need to create a new user and assign that new user with a password. In the terminal enter the following command.
(We are creating a new user named linuxuser with password 12345678)
CREATE USER linuxuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 12345678;

Next we need to assign linuxuser with ALL PRIVILEGES. This means linuxuser can CREATE, UPDATE and perform many other functions.
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON * . * TO linuxuser@localhost;

The account linuxuser has now been created. Next logout of MySQL / MariaDB by entering the exit command

Now we can login as linuxuser and enter the password we created earlier to access MySQL / MariaDB, by entering the following command.
mysql -u linuxuser -p

In the next article I will create a new database, fields and query the database for linuxuser

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