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Where are the log files located in Linux   

Anything that happens on your system is logged and written to a log file. Log files are stored in the following directory


Log files are just like standard text files and end with the extension .log. Because they are like text files, log files can be viewed through a standard text editor locally, or through the terminal or remotely using putty.

An example might be that you want to check a log file on a remote system by using a graphical terminal program like Putty, where you don't have access to a remote desktop.

Also accessing log files through programs like putty use less resources and is also quicker than using a remote desktop.

To view a log file, open your terminal and enter the following command to view the log directory
cd /var/log


To view a log file in the terminal for example the gufw.log file we can issue the less command in the terminal
less gufw.log